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Signs It’s Time for an Electrical Service Upgrade

Owning a home is a massive responsibility and it’s not just financially taxing. There is a never-ending list of things that you need to do to make sure that your home is the safest, most comfortable place for you and your family.

One of the very many responsibilities is ensuring that your home’s electrical service is not only working properly, but that it is upgraded regularly to maintain the electrical safety standards.

An electrical service, or the electrical panel as it is commonly called, is the point of entry for the electricity supplied by your area’s power company. It is through the electrical panel that power is distributed throughout your abode where it is converted and used in a multitude of ways. There are a few common signs and symptoms that point directly to the need for an electrical service panel upgrade. Some of the most obviously recognizable ones include but are certainly not limited to the following:

Constantly Flickering or Dim Lights

When you start to notice that the lights all across your home are not as bright as they are supposed to be, or that there is constant flickering then it is definitely time for an electrical panel maintenance check. Dim and flickering lights are the perfect identifier of faulty or old wiring or an electrical power imbalance.

Appliance Failure

In case your new home appliances are suddenly acting up or they’ve stopped working altogether you should seek immediate professional electrical help. If you experience a small shock upon touching an appliance, or your appliances are not working as they should, for example they are shutting off or stopping before the tasks as finished are definitive signs that the issue lies with the electrical service panel of your home.

Fire Scars

Have you noticed an acrid burning smell around your electrical circuit panel? Are there charring or burning marks in and around the electrical panel? Have you noticed any electrical wires with melted insulation? If yes, chances are you are looking at fire scars or the remnants of small electrical fires that broke out due to faulty electrical service. Such fires usually burn out themselves, almost as quickly as they start. However, these small fires are signs of a bigger electrical trouble that might be heading your way. If you happen to notice anything similar to a worn out fire, call for professional help right away

Frequently Trippy Circuit Breakers

Last but not least, frequently trippy circuit breakers are the most obvious signs of electrical panel troubles. When the electrical connections and wires begin to wear out, they are considerably more vulnerable to power surges simply because they are unable to handle the amount of electrical current that is coming their way. As such, the circuits begin to frequently disconnect, causing power outages at your home. This is a sure sign that your electrical service panel is in need of a check-up – particularly when a circuit that is reset does not remain so.

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