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GFCI & AFCI Installations

GFCI & AFCI Devices & Installation

It is essential that you acquire reliable arc electricity services for your home or office to prevent electrical shocks, short-circuits, and electrical fires. Volt Doctors Raleigh are professional electrical repair service providers and have experience in both AFCI and GFCI installations. If you have a reliance on electrical appliances in your home or office, it is imperative that you install AFCI and GFCI devices. They maintain the flow of electricity and ensure even distribution of all electrical appliances and devices.

At Volt Doctors Raleigh, we have fully trained and licensed electricians, who have worked with all types and manners of GFCI & AFCI devices. This allows us to provide affordable and reliable GFCI & AFCI installations for homeowners and businesses in Raleigh.

What are GFCI & AFCI Devices?

If you don’t have a clue regarding what we are talking about, this section is for you. The GFCI device, also known as the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, is important because it protects the circuit breakers from tripping when there is a fluctuation in electricity distribution. There are different forms of GFCI devices, which are attached to circuit breakers, which don’t have an outlet.

The primary function of the GFCI device is to regulate electrical distribution between circuits and prevent electrical shocks. Every home and business needs to have a GFCI device installed on the premises so that they are protected from electrical circuit failures.

The GFCI device is related towards prevention of circuit breakers tripping, but the AFCI device, also known as the Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter, is needed for preventing electrical fires. The National Electrical Code adopted AFCI breakers in 1999, to reduce the risk of fires on electrical circuit boards. The main reason you may experience an electrical fire is due to the circuit breaker tripping due to damaged wiring or loose connections.

All homes built before 2000, must acquire professional GFCI & AFCI installation services from reliable electricians, to ensure they are protected from arc faults in the breaker panel.

Why Volt Doctors Raleigh?

The professional and experienced electrical technicians at Volt Doctors Raleigh have years of industry experience in GFCI and AFCI device repairs and installations. Our electricians are all fully trained and licensed to diagnose, repair, and install GFCI and AFCI devices in homes and offices. We know the importance of having reliable arc electrical devices installed on your breaker panel to prevent electrical shocks and electrical fires due to faulty connections or damaged breakers.

If you don’t know whether your home or office has AFCI and GFCI devices installed on the circuit breaker panel, call in Volt Doctors Raleigh today for a free inspection. Our electrical technicians will ensure that your electrical circuit board meets all the safety standards and has authentic arc protectors installed.

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Why Volt Doctors is Your Go-to for GFCI & AFCI Installation?

When working with Volt Doctors, you can rest assured that you will receive only the highest quality electrical repairs and installation from our electricians. We offer you all of these great advantages and so much more:
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