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The Importance of Regular Generator Maintenance

Backup generators are becoming an essential need, not only for large buildings housing multi-national corporations, but also for residential properties of all types and sizes. It is now becoming a necessity in homes all across the country.

Despite advances of electrical and technical systems power outages can occur pretty much any and everywhere, and if you live in a neighborhood that frequently experiences power failures, then a standby generator is a must.

However, just investing in a top of the line generator is not enough to alleviate all your power outage concerns. While a generator can prevent a huge number of unwanted situations as well as help keep the home electrical systems working properly, they require a certain degree of care and maintenance for a number of reasons. They include but are not limited to the following:

To Ensure Proper Functionality

Regular maintenance and checks on the generator help ensure that your generator is functioning to its optimum potential. This is especially important if you live in places where you experience extreme weather conditions. A general inspection, adjustment and change of oil, filter, and coolant regularly will guarantee that your generator works well, remains safe and performs its operations reliably for a longer period of time.

To Keep Track of Fuel Storage

Generators, running on either gas or diesel fuel need to have their supply changed at least once every 6 months. Diesel fuel has the potential to deteriorate as times goes by. A regular change ensures that the generator is not being operated on degraded fuel that acts as a breeding ground for bacteria in the warmer months. Neglecting to check the storage levels, and changing the fuel supply when needed has the potential to result in considerable damage to your generator as well as your home.

To Prevent and Protect Against Carbon Monoxide Production and Poisoning

A generator that is functioning improperly has the capacity to produce carbon monoxide – a poisonous gas that can be fatal when inhaled. If your generator is not properly maintained, exercised and examined on a regular basis, it could be producing and even accidentally releases excess carbon monoxide within your home leading to slow carbon monoxide poisoning. Making certain that the generator is never placed or positioned as such that the fumes are released indoors as well as routinely checking the filters, gauges and the detectors of the generators ensures proper functionality as well as protects you and your loved ones.

To Avoid Generator Breakdown and Failure

If you are punctual and regular about the routine checks of your standby generator, you will be more aware of its overall performance making you better able to pick up on the changes. A routine, preventative check will make sure that the generator does not breakdown suddenly, causing a power failure.

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