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5 Generator Maintenance Tips

Standby generators, in this age, are a necessity rather than a luxury. With power failures becoming a norm in most of the areas today, even the daily household chores are difficult to perform without these standby generators.

Generators can last for years if they are maintained properly. Just as it is important for us to eat healthy and exercise, in the same way it is important for generators to be maintained to keep them working perfectly. The more you take care of and maintain your generator, the longer it will serve you. Moreover, regularly maintaining your generators can help you save repair costs as well. So, here are a few generator maintenance tips that can help you maintain your generator and ensure it serves you for a long time.

Choose A Generator That Has A Warranty

Remember, generators are not cheap. So, a generator that comes with a warranty can help you save on repair costs in case it stops functioning while in use. You can go to the company and show them the warranty card and get it repaired without having to bear heavy costs. Moreover, it is also suggested that you keep your generator away from water and for that purpose you can build a generator garage to ensure its safety during rain.

Do Not Let The Motor Burn-Out

Using heavy-duty cords can help prevent your generator’s motor from burning out easily. Added to this, since generators create a lot of noise, if you want an uninterrupted sleep, buy a longer cord.

Regularly Power Up Your Generators

It is recommended that you run your generators for at least 30 to 40 minutes every three to four months just to keep their batteries charged for the electric starter. It is better than getting frustrated and being able to do nothing when you discover that your electric starter is not working when you want it to work most.

Keep Your Tank Filled

Protect your generator from getting damaged by keeping your generator’s tank full with fuel. When there is less fuel in the tank or if it completely runs out of fuel and stops the power supply, the electrical load sucks the magnetic field from the generator that eventually ends up damaging it. Keep extra supplies of oil and filters in case you need them anytime.

Be Sure What To Buy

There are two capacity ratings listed over every generator. The first is “rated” watts and the other is the higher “maximum” rating. The former capacity rating tells you the maximum power that the generator will put out. It is the rating that you should consider while purchasing a generator. A generator can be a real blessing during prolonged periods of power failures. So, everyone will want a generator that works perfectly every time it is required to. Hence, think before you buy.

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